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  • Masterworks of George Enescu : a detailed analysis /
  • Sound in Z : experiments in sound and electronic music in early 20th century Russia /
  • Essays on Czech music /
  • Tanbur Bulghary : book for the Bulgarian tamboura : history, construction, interpretation /
  • Sounds of the borderland : popular music, war and nationalism in Croatia since 1991 /
  • Making music in the Polish Tatras : tourists, ethnographers, and mountain musicians /
  • Klezmer's afterlife : an ethnography of the Jewish music revival in Poland and Germany /
  • Opera and ideology in Prague /
  • Ligeti, Kurtág, and Hungarian music during the Cold War /
  • Balkan refrain : form and tradition in European folk song /
  • Fandom, Authenticity, and Opera [electronic resource]: Mad Acts and Letter Scenes in Fin-de-Siècle Russia
  • Historical dictionary of Russian music /
  • Rock and roll in the Rocket City : the West, identity, and ideology in Soviet Dniepropetrovsk, 1960-1985 /
  • New perspectives in music education in Slovenia /
  • Albanian urban lyric song in the 1930s /
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30th anniversary of the Chair in Ukrainian Studies at the University of Toronto.

The Kiev Province Committee was established by Tsar Nicholas I to investigate the extent of...