Women's Rights and Gender Politics in Eastern Europe

  • Women's movements : networks and debates in post-communist countries in the 19th and 20th centuries /
  • Gender check : a reader : art and theory in Eastern Europe /
  • Women, the state, and war : a comparative perspective on citizenship and nationalism /
  • Gender politics in the Western Balkans : women and society in Yugoslavia and the Yugoslav successor states /
  • Gender politics in post-communist Eurasia /
  • Women and Transformation in Russia /
  • A biographical dictionary of women's movements and feminisms : Central, Eastern, and South Eastern Europe :  9th and 20th centuries /
  • Women's social activism in the new Ukraine : development and the politics of differentiation /
  • Equality and revolution : women's rights in the Russian Empire, 1905-1917 /
  • Reading Jewish women : marginality and modernization in nineteenth-century Eastern European Jewish society /
  • Women and democracy : Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe /
  • Advertising, sex, and post-socialism : women, media, and femininity in the Balkans /
  • Domestic violence in postcommunist states : local activism, national policies, and global forces /
  • Women in Russia and Ukraine /
  • FEMEN /
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