Daniil Kharms and OBERIU: "The Last Soviet Avant-Garde"

  • Russia's lost literature of the absurd : a literary-discovery /
  • I am a phenomenon quite out of the ordinary : the notebooks, diaries and letters of Daniil Kharms /
  • Today I wrote nothing : the selected writings of Daniil Kharms /
  • Incidences (2)/
  • Kozlinai͡a pesnʹ ; Trudy i dni Svistonova ; Bambochada ; Garpagoniana /
  • An invitation for me to think /
  • Nikolai Zabolotsky : enigma and cultural paradigm /
  • Incidences /
  • Une autre avant-garde : la métaphysique, le retour à la tradition et la recherche religieuse dans l'œuvre de René Daumal et de Daniil Harms /
  • Nikolai Zabolotsky : play for mortal stakes /
  • Daniil Kharms : writing and the event /
  • Adventures in the Soviet imaginary : children's books and graphic art /
  • Russian avant-garde and radical modernism : an introductory reader /
  • OBERIU : an anthology of Russian absurdism /
  • The last Soviet avant-garde : OBERIU--fact, fiction, metafiction /
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