Agriculture and the State in eastern Europe

  • Food and agriculture in the Czech Republic : from a Velvet transition to the challenges of EU accession /
  • The changing face of rural space : agriculture and rural development in the Western Balkans /
  • The plough that broke the steppes : agriculture and environment on Russia's grasslands, 1700-1914 /
  • After socialism : land reform and social change in Eastern Europe /
  • Integrating environment into agriculture and forestry [electronic resource] : progress and prospects in Eastern Europe and Central Asia /
  • Russia's unknown agriculture : household production in post-communist Russia /
  • The silent Steppe : the story of a Kazakh nomad under Stalin /
  • Serbia on the road to EU accession : consequences for agricultural policy and the agri-food chain /
  • The evolution of agrarian institutions : a comparative study of post-socialist Hungary and Bulgaria /
  • Reforms in Albanian agriculture : assessing a sector in transition /
  • Rural Development, Natural Resources, and the Environment [electronic resource]: Lessons of Experience in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Mapping the rural problem in the Baltic countryside : transition processes in the rural areas of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania /
  • Farm sector restructuring in Belarus : progress and constraints /
  • Distortions to agricultural incentives in Europe's transition economies [electronic resource] /
  • The agrarian economies of Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States : situation and perspectives, 1997 /
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TS [Pictorial]. Album of twenty black & white photographs, with captions in Romanian.